Sunday, March 2, 2014

2014 Utah Teacher of the Year

This blog is my chance to express my passion for teaching and learning.  I love to teach, but I'm the first to admit it - teaching can be tough.  There are so many elements that make up the science of instructional practice, and it can be difficult to put the elements together in the right combination. Some days are smooth, the energy is amazing, and I feel incredible.  Other days are more frustrating, the elements are off, and the results I wanted are out of reach. Those days teaching can seem like a riddle that can't be solved.                                            

As I embark on the journey of representing the teachers in my state, I want to begin sharing some of the ways I have solved the riddle.  I have seen so many amazing changes in education in my 26 years in the classroom. Innovations in technology, printing, school architecture, even basic classroom equipment have all helped make teaching easier. All of that is worth nothing, of course, without a great teacher in the classroom.  Here's to the joy of a day spent working hard and having fun in the greatest profession in the world!

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  1. I am Laci it is year 2014 I am on this blog that is so cool